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Welcome to Tangier  City 
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Excursion to (Tanger)
At the crossroads of civilisation, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean, Tangier flaunts its magnificent bay below lush green hills. From the "Place de la Kasbah", the highest point in the medina, you can visit the sultan's palace where every aspect of moroccan art can be seen in the rooms round the courtyard. Or you can stroll down alleyways of the medina to the terrace overlooking the straits of Gibraltar. Close by, various excursions can be made including Cape Spartel -the extreme north- westerly point of Africa, close to the famous Caves of Hercules and Cape Malabata.
Excursion to (Casablanca)

A business capital of increasing importance, and an international metropolis, whose development is linked to its harbour trade, Casablanca is today an important center in world affairs. A commercial and industrial city, Casablanca still retains its strong religious traditions in the Hassan II Mosque, one of the most spectacular in the world.

The most recent adornment to the Kingdom's most modern city is the Hassan II Mosque, towering majestically from sea to sky. A nave of incomparable beauty, with a prayer room large enough to hold 25.000 worshippers and an esplanade for a further 80.000. The Mosque is a gem of religions architecture, subtly mixing Moroccan tradition with state-of-the-art technology. The port of Anfa has been spoken of by historiens since the 12th century as the axis of its neighbouring
regions-Chaouia, Rehamnas and Tadla.

Excursion to (Agadir)

One of newly independent Morocco's greatest challenges must surely have been the reconstruction of a city totally destroyed by the earthquake of February 1960. The will and détermination of a young King, Hassan
II, on the throne for scarcely a year, gave reality to the hopes of an entire nation in seeing Agadir reborn form the ashes. These days it is a fine modern city with a host of excellent hotels, wide avenues, gardens in bright bloom, a magnificent port and a first-rate airport-and, above all, a splendid beach stretching for six kilometres, the air scented by pine, eucalyptus and tamarisk. Agadir's réputation as a beach resort has spread worldwide. From a cliff-road flanking
the hill, the Old Kasbah, dating from the 16th century, overlooks the azure spread of the ocean, the verdant valleys of the Great Souss and the majestic slopes of the Anti-Atlas. Agadir is not only the kingdom's main fishing-port, it is also its first holiday haven, and the city is very much organized around seeing to the comfort of
its visitors.

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